Generic Kamagra Online

Generic Kamagra Online

Generic Kamagra Online

Kamagra belongs to a group of the most popular and famous drugs indicated for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Kamagra is one of the analogs of Viagra and has the same properties but due to a new formula of the drug with the advanced functions Kamagra acts longer and stronger. Efficiency of Kamagra has been tested and every time the tests have shown that this drug really has a very strong and safe action.

How does Kamagra work?

The active component of Kamagra is Sildenafil. This component belongs to a group of the strongest drugs for restoration of erection in men and due to Sildenafil Kamagra almost does not have competitors.
The action of Kamagra consists in the work of the active component Sildenafil. Under the influence of this drug the blood vessels of penis are dilated, and thus the flow of blood to penis is increased and this causes a healthy erection. It should be noted that Kamagra does not work as a stimulant. The efficiency of Kamagra will be only in the excited condition and sexual stimulation.

Kamagra is totally safe and well tolerated and the drug action appears during erectile dysfunction of any severity and it gives men hope and confidence. The duration of Kamagra action is up to 24 hours that is the best result which have been achieved during studies of this drug. All will be depend on the peculiarities of your body and the correctness during the use of Kamagra.

How must Kamagra be taken?

Turn to a doctor or a pharmacist and make sure that Kamagra is really that drug what you need. Your doctor will make a right diagnosis and prescribe a prescription of Kamagra which will contain all necessary directions for the administration of Kamagra.

The Kamagra Tablets must be taken 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. Only in 30 minutes the active components of Kamagra will come into the blood and begin to act. The dose is prescribed individually on the basis of your indications. The initial dose of Kamagra is 100 mg. The tablets of Kamagra 100 mg must be used no more than once per 24 hours. The doctor can adjust the dose depending on the reaction of the body during treatment.


You must follow all precautions for a safe course of treatment and achieve the best effect. Ask your doctor about all contraindications and follow them constantly. The contraindications include heart diseases, compromised liver or kidney function, glaucoma, deformation of penis, old age over 65 years and also allergy to Kamagra. Taking into account all contraindications you can improve your erection quality.

Side effects of Kamagra

Kamagra is safe and well tolerated but as any drug Kamagra has some side effects that are not dangerous and tolerated easily. The side effects may include dizziness, hot flushes, stuffy nose, change of light perception and nausea. To prevent the side effects take into account all precautions.

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